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Ben McAuley



Ben McAuley is a record producer, recording engineer and musician based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


His production style is characterised by clarity and directness, with a strong musical sensibility.


He frequently works with artists as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger, but is equally at home with straight-forward ‘documentary’ recording, often preferring to record live.


Ben grew up in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, and moved to Belfast in 2001 to attend Queen's University, where he studied for a degree in English Literature and Scholastic Philosophy and a Master's degree in Modern Literature. He co-founded Start Together Studio, a recording and mixing facility in Belfast, in late 2007, and continues to use the studio for much of his recording due to its extensive collection of microphones and instruments. He also  works in various other studios in the UK and Ireland, such as Air, British Grove, MetropolisReal World, RetreatSoup, Attica Audio, Analogue Catalogue, Temple Lane, Amberville and Black Mountain, as well as having his own mixing studio at his house in Belfast.






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