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(P=Producer, E=Engineer, M=Mixer, Mus=Musician)

Gascan Ruckus - Narrow Defeats and Bitter Victories LP (P, E, M)

Son of the Hound - Galway Rain Single (P, E, M)

Pixie Saytar - In Hindsight LP (P, E, M, Mus)

We Turned We Drew - Love Equals Single (E, M)

Hurdles - Dusk and Dawn EP (E, M)

Cave Ghosts - All My Life/ Mariposa Single (P, E, M, Mus)

Pleasure Beach - Dreamer to the Dawn EP (E)

Documenta - Drone Pop #1 LP (E, M)

Sea Pinks - Soft Days LP (E, M, Mus)

Girls Names - Arms Around a Vision LP (E)

Blue Whale - Jack Irons Single (E, M)

Runabay - June EP (P, E, M)

Autumns - Blonde EP (E, M)

Cruising - Cruising EP (E, M)

Arborist - Twisted Arrow Single  (P, E, M, Mus)

More Than Conquerors - Red EP (P, E)

Triona Carville - Flames Single (E, M, Mus)

Petty Youth - Keep the Faith EP (E, M)

Sea Pinks - Dreaming Tracks LP (E, M)

Robyn G Shiels - The Blood of the Innocents LP (P, E, M, Mus)

Arborist - Border Blood Single (P, E, M, Mus)

Von Burl - Kind Ring Robot EP (E, M, Mus)

Robyn G Shiels - Underneath the Night of Stars EP (P, E, M, Mus) 

Desert Hearts - Enturbulation = No Challenge LP (P, E, M, Mus)

Girls Names - The New Life LP (co-P, E, M)

Holy Innocents - Letter to Lone Ridge LP (P, E, M, Mus)

Arborist - Incalculable Things Single (P, E, M, Mus)

Alana Henderson - Wax and Wane EP (E, M)

Hurdles - Where to Start EP (E, M)

Katherine Philippa - Broken to be Rebuilt EP (E)

Gascan Ruckus - Buddies EP (P, E, M)

Chocolate Love Factory - Motivator Single (P, E, M)

General Fiasco - Unfaithfully Yours LP (E)

Alice Kona Band - Film Single (P, E, M)

Holy Ghost Explosion - Wolves EP (E, M)

Yes Cadets - Le Mans Single (E, M)

The Minutes - Heartbreaker Single (E)

Elspeth - Coax LP (P, E, M)

Tom McShane - The Ural Winter LP (E, Mus)

Robyn G Shiels - The Great Depression EP (P, E, M, Mus)

The Lambing Season - Orchard Single (M)

Pajanimals - TV series (E, Mus)

Matt McGinn - Livin’ LP (E, M)

Colly Strings - Safe as Houses Single (E, M)

Jack Sherry - EP (E, M)

Tender Hips - Living’s Easy EP (P, E, M)

Pretty Child Backfire - All the Things Said in the Twilight Single (E, M)

St. Vitus Dance - Glypotheque LP (E, M)

Lowly Knights - Even Keel EP (E, M)

Patiosounds - Walking for Days EP (P, E, M

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